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RonJones is an American singer.songwriter who is well versed in many genres of music.

He plays with a variety of seasoned musicians and also plays many solo performances.

Ron has been a well known fixture at bike shows,meets and swaps  from Maine to Florida and everywhere in between.

He has been performing for 20 years at the Harley Rendezvous Classic in Pattersonville,N.Y. as well as performing at Laconia,Black Thorn and other biker events.

One of his bands is "Ron Jones and the Diehards" who play often all over New England and beyond.They have a very extensive song list that is a blend of country, southern rock, classic rock  and folk and  has  garnered the moniker  

"American Motor Music".

They have a repertoire so extensive that you could go to five shows and not hear the same song twice.

Another ensemble that he performs with is "Seven Foot Four" which is

primarily bluegrass with shades of folk and blues.

Ron also performs with or without accompaniment at many private parties and gatherings.

If you would like to book a show or party or just contact Ron

you can :

Email him at

or call him at   413-427-3426

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